Saturday, April 3, 2010

What a lazy bones!

Hello again,

Sorry it's been so long, I didnt' realize how long it had been till I saw the date of January! I am ashamed!

We last left off with me beginning Legal Issues for Supervisors and American Government. Well Legal Issues is over, and I'm glad to report I got an A. American government is about 60% complete and I am currently less than 1% below an A. A's end at 94 and I have a 93.14%. Here's to hoping I can continue my A train. I also am in the middle of HR Management, which has been very enjoyable. I am also carrying an A in that one.

On the job front, I have once again taken my services elsewhere. I am now a crew leader in training for Pandanaplast here in Sheboygan. I will be training on first shift for a few months, at which time I'll be going to a 12-hour shift, most likely nights. It really seems like a great company to work for and I'm excited to be starting something new!

Also, I hope everyone has a very blessed Easter, and may we celebrate our risen Savior!

See you all when I see you.

Jonny K.